Questions! A great beer lover will all question his or her situation. We here at beer nerd love that you want to know more. Here are a few tidbits of information.

Why would I need this app?

Ever tried a beer you didn’t like? Seems like a waste of money! Our aim is to connect you with beers you will love. Or discover your next favorite beer.

How does the app work?

In short you enter in some of your favorite beers, and enter in some that you don’t really care for. Then the app takes that information and with Machine Learning (ML/AI) will show you several beers to try, and where they are served

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing!

How many beers should I enter?

The more the better!! The more information you give the system the better it will match you to what you would be interested

Is this an good app for traveling?

It’s the perfect app for traveling! In a new city but nobody serves your favorite craft brewery, this app can find you a suitable substitute. It may even be a new beer you seek out.